The Footskater’s Rock Compilation

2007-09-07 12:12
Toe, heel, toe, air, and you’re off… Francois van Coke’s voice screams through your headphones as he belts out “Hemel Op Die Platteland”, “Tygerberg Vliegtuig” and “As Jy Met Vuur Speel Sal Jy Brand”. All guaranteed to get the flowing motion going. Every now and then he is interrupted by George nailing Taxi Violence classics, “The Mess” and “Waking Up”. Perfect to give you extra energy as you attempt the One-Footed-Foot-Grab.

But focus. You need attitude to succeed. Ruk it mal with Kallitz’ “Innie Plek”.

Fuzigish pumps up the ska-factor. Tune into “Maximum”, “Mr. Mean Man” and “Little Bird” to get some spin going as you launch into the 180 or 360 Electrified Mongoose. For wacky moves like ‘The Rod Stewart with a Polish Kick’ and the ‘Front-Side Tuck-shop Robbery’ you need bizarre alien beats. Pump up the volume on The Privates International Band’s tracks “Spanish Salad” and “Pink Flamingos”.

Phew. That was hardcore… But chill, cos The Footskater’s Rock Compilation even has a few cool-down tracks. “Ballad of the Lemon Man” by The Bang and “Voete van Johannesburg” by ddisselblom are good bets, or tune out to Farryl Purkiss’ slow dance goodbye “Vincey”. But remember, with 20 tracks to work it, you’re gonna have to rock it! Toe, heel, toe, toe, air…

- Annel Malan

You’re kitted out in your red Converse All Star tekkies and ready for some hardcore footskating action. What do you put on your iPod for your skater session? The Footskater’s Rock Compilation of course…

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