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2009-03-16 12:08
The Fray
Making it big these days means getting a soft drink commercial, flogging your hit to the latest teen series or hospital drama for use in the final scene where the character walks around crying, and of course, being a safe act to book for live outdoor music festivals sponsored by soft drinks that nobody actually drinks at the live outdoor music festivals....

The resulting sound on album two is so competent, it's just boring. I'm talking big and easy to sing for the most part, with the moody male vocals mixed high, with just a enough genuine indie angst (on the better tracks like "Say When") to prevent The Fray (sucky name!) sounding like Christian rock - but not so much angst that beer-boys with short hair and their GHD'd chicks will think they're "depressing". Expect a swollen-chorused piano ballad or two ("Never Say Never"). Expect the odd lyric that skirts the profound - not by saying something new, but by overlaying a clever turn of phrase on a true cliché: "I've seen this one before / The girl she gets away".

It's an even mix of slow "wave your arms in the air like you just don't care" pop 'n roll and "wave your lighter in the air to show you care" (even slower) ballads. By the end of it, I really don't. Care, that is, to put it politely.

The Fray are a mid-level type import-export band who're hoping to make it really big, so they sound a lot like a lot of bands who have.

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