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The Last Shadow Puppets - Age Of The Understatement

2008-06-30 08:20
So you can imagine my surprise then when The Last Shadow Puppets suddenly ended up on my headphones. The deliciously caricatured 70s artwork coupled with a fancy album title like "The Age Of The Understatement" quickly peeked my interest.

Turns out The Last Shadows Puppets are a side project featuring Alex Turner, of said Monkeys fame, and Miles Kane (from The Rascals). Any doubt I had before about Alex Turner's worth have been scrapped. The songwriting is intense, the music as crisp and melodic as anything I'd expect from an album by David Bowie, or The Beatles, or any other such legendary songwriters.

The Last Shadow Puppets are that good. So good that Turner should ditch his old band and move forward this way. From the Muse's "Knights of Cydonia" tinged opening single - "Age Of The Understatement" - to the eerily catchy "My Mistakes were Made for You" - this album is a conker. I'd recommend it above any Arctic Monkeys album, anyday.

- Painter Jane

I must admit that when I first heard The Arctic Monkeys, my cynicism got the better of me. Surely they were just another quirky British band singing in Fred Perry T Shirts and riding on the myspace hype? Still, I bought their first album, and I admit it had its moments, but it was only when the second Arctic Monkeys album came out, that I started to see the point.

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