The Music - The Music

2006-03-29 20:34
The Music do have some things going for them. Though indie-rockish and designed to be played full blast, Welcome to the North is slicker than their self titled debut The Music. It's intense, with pleasing but hardcore Jane's Addiction and Zep vocal influences, and fantastic percussion. In their cheesier moments, their northern influenced sound recalls U2's early live work. There's something urgent and big stadium about it. There's something there, definitely.

Unfortunately, the music (sic) gets a bit dull after a while. It's not just that the production is overblown and muddy, or just that the arrangements don't vary enough, or even that the vocals lack subtlety. It's something much more basic. To put it simply, although their melodies are alright, and all the ingredients are there, The Music don't really have any big songs.

They do try to say something - protest war, analyse love and all that. But often you can't hear the words, and when you do, they often just seem a little immature and silly, and I quote: "The sun is bleeding into mine eye". MINE! Embarrassing instead of moving.

Nope, the Music just aren't what they claim to be. And they actually might have sounded slightly better if they hadn't so annoyingly oversold themselves.

- Jean Barker


"The Music, quite simply, blow the roof off with their sophomore album, Welcome to the North. If you're a fan of rock music, take note: this is the biggest rock record you'll hear this year."
- Jeff Partain for Virgin Megamagazine

"...they might not have met their own standards on this release, but that still makes for a pretty amazing album..."
- Tim Cashmere for Undercover

"Two albums in, I am not convinced that The Music will ever be a band that can transcend their stupid name."
- Joe Tangari for Pitchfork

"This is a cloying record that doesn't so much recall Zeppelin at their height, as The Alarm at their most irritating. It's not classic rock with a modernist twist, but reductive Eighties rock, complete with all of that genre's attendant earnestness."
- John Davidson for Pop Matters

"...too much of Welcome to the North sounds like emo on Ecstasy - all hot and bothered without much to say."
- Christiaan Hoard for Rolling Stone

Calling yourself "The Music" takes serious stones, even for a rock band, unless you're undeniably musically brilliant, or joking. It's also unoriginal - The Band thought of that ploy years ago. But what's in a name? It's the music (sic) that matters. Right?

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