The Offspring - Greatest Hits

2006-03-30 01:03

The Offspring have always been clear about the fact that their music is aimed at the youth market, with songs like "The Kids Aren't Alright" and lyrics like "I may be dumb, but I'm not a dweeb/ I'm just a sucker with no self esteem". Even their name evokes images of youth, and it's not always a pretty sight. But punk - even mainstream punk like The Offspring - isn't meant to be pretty.

Whereas most bands who keep going for over a decade will mature, alter direction or adapt according to current fashions, The Offspring, like AC/DC, have somehow survived by staying exactly the same. With only a few exceptions, they've produced album after album of surprisingly catchy bubblegum punk that says well away from grown-up subjects like society and politics, and stays well within the borders of teenage concerns like girlfriends, pocket money and angsty musings for white middle class suburbanites.

The fact that they are unwilling (or incapable) of producing anything more serious means that they get a lot of criticism from diehard punk purists. Sure, their music is superficial, and they lean heavily on cliched punk trappings (power guitar riffs, lots of shouting and lately, a skull logo on their CD designs), but it's hard to deny that The Offspring produce some brilliantly catchy stuff. Like most major Hollywood movies, there's not much to think about when it's over, but few people won't enjoy it while it's on.

And here's 54 minutes of their best and most well-known material, picked from their fifteen year career. They've never been much of an album band, Greatest Hits is about as cohesive as any of their seven albums. Start here.

- Chris McEvoy


They may be twice the age of most of the other bands at this year's Warped Tour, but as this disc proves, they can transcend cookie cutter punk, when they want to.
- Adrien Begrand for PopMatters

The Offspring arrived on the tired punk scene, which seemed to have degenerated into a drugs and suicide fest around 1994, at about the same time as Green Day and Hole. They breathed new life into it with their bouncy, pop flavoured punk.

Denis Dendrinos 2005/08/13 8:45 AM
Greatest hits, smash, I luv Offspring always have. They're in a class of their own and often have an important message in their songs. Esp gr8 when driving.
LEONIE 2005/08/16 11:12 AM
ALL 10/10 LOVE IT!
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