The Offspring - Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace

2008-07-22 23:30
That said, their new album, for all its radio-friendly gloss, offers pockets of genuine fun. Remember that in their search for platinum, this is a band that perfected the punk sing-along. They fling down the gauntlet to Bon Jovi with their very first song, “Half-Truism”, an ooh-ing, ah-ing single with enough Offspring-branded urgency to make it a winner. The dancy “You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid” is also great karaoke material, so long as you’re alone in the hatchback.

The Offspring have a problem, though, in that their hardcore supporters have probably left them by now for stronger stuff and the kids don’t really know who they are. Their rally cry of “shit’s fucked up” isn’t quite the draw that “join the Black Parade” has been for My Chemical Romance.
The solution may lie in power ballads “Fix You” and “Kristy, Are You Doing Okay?” While offensive to fans of the old Offspring, these polished rockabyes could rope in a whole new troop of rockers still stuck in the 90s. In between Nickelback albums, a little of this new Offspring stuff (“who are they?”) might go down a treat.

The thorny issue of pandering to MTV aside, at least Dexter, Noodles & co still know how to turn a little angst into a lotta melody.

- Niel Bekker
It’s no use complaining. Offspring’s slide from upstart punk pirates to cuddly soft toys started a long time ago, and there was no stopping it once Dexter Holland got used to IKEA furniture.

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Hannes 2008/10/04 11:58 AM
Not Bad Although not as great as Ignition / Smash, there are some hints of greatness in there. Splinter sucked, Conspiracy of One, was OK - ish. At least Dexter and co. are trying. They've been busy with this album for just about 2 years, and it seems that it has ( and will ) pay off. Their next album, WILL sound even better, wait and see!
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