The Parlotones - Unplugged CD/DVD

2008-12-31 07:52
It's an artful preface to what is an unambiguously romantic set of unplugged love letters designed to soundtrack candlelit Valentine's Day dinners, engagement parties, wedding receptions…you get the idea.

Right, so it's metro-sexual modern rock business as usual for Kahn and co. then? Pretty much. While string-washed spins on chamber-pop singalongs "Baby Be Mine" and "I'll Be There" might well be pretty nifty pre-and-post coital creature comforts, it's the more 'extreme' makeovers that actually make this refurbished set of radio hits worth the readmission price.

Guest diva Sarah Cantrell's operatic "Nessun Dorma" overture is a suitably epic classical pop introduction to a note perfect (if plugged-in) version of "Giant Mistake", and pennywhistle stars Kwela Tebza help transform indie-disco ditty "Window Shopper" into a breezy folk-pop lighter waver for moms and dads, before an impish cover of Koos Kombuis' classic "Lisa Se Klavier" even manages to drag skinny-jeaned kids onto the dancefloor.

"Welcome to the soundtrack of your love affairs," serenades lead singer Kahn Morbee as the opening credits roll on the Sama-winning pop rock poster boys' debut live CD/DVD.

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