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The Pigeon Detectives - Wait for Me

2008-01-22 12:46
But here’s the first big problem with The Pigeon Detectives. All the songs are about girls, but all the fans pictured pawing the band in a slippery nightclub on live videos are boys. And listening to the lyrics, which consist mainly of accusing suppositions addressed to girls so theoretical that they don’t resemble humans, you can’t help wondering whether these guys are all virgins - at least, emotionally. Some very talented young guys have the imagination to evoke a story not their own. These guys evoke nothing, which tells you all you need to know.

And the second big problem: they don’t sound exactly like the indie rock trend bands of the last 5 years. Not precisely. But they do sound a lot like the latest indie rock trend bands of the last ten years – fairly danceable, fairly alternative, relatively tight. And so the question is, does South Africa need another imported copy of a dying imported tendency, when we're already blessed with the equally proficient and better looking Dirty Skirts live onstage, right here in SA? Damn, no.

Wait for them, like their album title asks? To grow up and get more interesting, maybe. But until then, they’re just like an annoying younger brother: best ignored, unless you also need an outlet for your failure to get laid.

- Jean Barker

Musically, think plenty of "kerang" guitar, a jaunty offbeat drum bit or too, tuneful and singable tracks that don’t tug the heartstrings and would bore you without the drums. It’s a recipe for live success and if they’re not playing every overseas fest this year, then Amy Winehouse doesn’t belong in rehab.

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