The Priests

2009-02-20 15:34
Any such cynicism soon fades though when you hear the voices of Father Eugene O’Hagan, Father Martin O’Hagan and Father David Delargy on “Ave Maria”.  Their angelic rendition almost literally soothes the soul as they prove that singing a hymn of such profound stature clearly comes naturally to them.

Having serenaded the likes of Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla of Cornwall, the Priests definitely know how to pick their audience. Camilla is reportedly such a fan of their debut album - which won a place in the "Guinness Book of Records" after it became the U.K.'s fastest selling classical record - that getting the opportunity to meet them was a dream for her. But, as honoured as the Priests were, these humble priests regard their respective communities as their biggest and most loyal fans. “Irish Blessing” proves that just because they’re world renowned doesn’t mean that they are forgetting their roots.

Unlike Il Divo and the Ten Tenors who offer both amazing voices and sex appeal, the Priests stick to being spiritually inclined. It works for them on an epic rendition of “O Holy Night” which you can just imagine filling the air of a packed cathedral on Christmas Eve.

They sing about what they know best. Preaching the word of Christianity is evident throughout their album. Songs as effective as “Abide with me” reminds one and all about the Divinity of the Bible and the strength of the Lord. Each song tells a story and the beauty of is that anyone and everyone can relate. The way their voices and talent is spreading throughout the world, they are sure to make you wonder just how different their sermons might be.

Chanting Gregorian monks are one thing, but what has the world come to when Irish Catholic priests produce a CD? Let’s face it, priests singing for their supper? You’re probably thinking “what next”?

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