The Rasmus - Black Roses

2008-12-05 12:19
The short answer is that you can’t. Those days are over and The Rasmus should be severed from any and all expectation of chart attack gold of that dizzying stature. But it’s still the same band, the same brooding sound at the intersection of pop, goth and rock that we first heard five years ago.
Scandinavian rockers like The Rasmus don’t always dish up the best lyrics you’ll ever hear (“The saddest scent of you will cling to me”) but the pale-skinned musos do know a thing or two about melody. Searching for it is their constant priority, veering into territory both dark and ultra-sugary with equal curiosity.

Black Roses has dance beats, orchestral backing passages & enough emo wordsmithing to impress Emily The Strange. It’s a formula that makes you tap your feet and sing along at the best of times (“The Fight”, “Ten Black Roses”) and yawn like a bored zoo animal at worst (“Justify”), but it’s an inclusive formula, and they deserve full credit for their pop honesty.

If your soul is black but your aura is pink, this should be a treat.

- Niel Bekker
It’s a daunting world after you’ve written “In The Shadows” – the commercial mega-hit of 2003 – and tasted the expensive whisky at the hotel bar. How do you top that?

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