The Rolling Stones - Shine A Light

2008-12-24 09:56
Shine A Light
Shine A Light is the double-disc soundtrack to Martin Scorsese’s rockumentary with the same name, splicing performances from two concerts held in New York’s Beacon Theatre into one coherent set. And coherent it is. The selection screams one message: “We are young”. That’s not literally true anymore, but the wrinkly Jagger has gallons of sass to spare and a vocal that begs everyone’s attention. There’s still a hard-on in those leather pants somewhere.
Maybe its time to stop asking if these still-touring supergroups are “relevant” to modern music and start asking whether they’re still relevant to their own songs? The Stones clearly are, while Amy Winehouse can’t even lip-synch to her own tunes for fifty pounds and a line of crushed diet pills. We wanted Jagger, Richards, Watts & Wood to record something with the self-loving swagger of genuine rockers, and they did.

The obvious live album pitfalls apply: the playing isn’t as tight as in studio, you can’t “see” the band interacting with the audience and lastly, everyone loves to complain about the songs that were left out. There’s no “Gimme Shelter” on here, no “Honky Tonk Woman” or “Street Fighting Man”. Deal with it. You can’t always get what you want.

But what you do get is a solid, hip-swinging live recording that offers no apologies, and doesn’t need to. Stones fans: enjoy.

- Niel Bekker

A helpful rule of thumb for live albums: if you don’t know or don’t like the band, don’t buy the album. Does that still ring true for the definitive live album of one of the definitive rock ‘n roll acts ever? Only just. An attentive listen to Shine A Light gives you a glimpse of the vitality, throbbing and fierce, that helped supplant pre-rock culture with the music of Elvis, The Beatles, and of course, The Rolling Stones. But it’s only a glimpse, unless you’ve already fallen in love wit

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Jenny 2008/07/17 6:06 PM
Shine A Light I'm a Stone's fan, same age group, and it is absolutely BRILLIANT!
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