The Saturday Surgery Vol. 3 - Mixed by Roger Goode

2007-07-20 17:06
Virtually every track in this collection reeks of class and complexity. That might sound a bit wanky – this is house music after all – but Goode has a composer’s ear for a kick-ass melody and picks his tunes like fine wines. His choices range from filthy funk to dark deep house and sharp-edged electro. Sure, there’s some cheese in the mix, but it’s more well-aged brie than plastic gouda.

The one thing that pulls the compilation together is the dense layering of rhythm and melody in all tracks. Whether it’s ethereal strings over pulsing funk or acid-green synthesizers slicing and dicing an earthy two step – there’s always something that makes you want to play it again.

- Alistair Fairweather

Good clubbing compilations are all about good taste, and few people have more of this rare commodity than our own Mr Goode. You can package your double CD beautifully (as Roger has), you can mix it artfully and produce it flawlessly (again, as Roger has), but it’s the tracks you choose that really make it sink or swim.

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