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The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir - S/T

2007-12-20 17:25
And actually there are some sweet moments too. "In Hospital" is an eerie trip and just what you need if you’re thinking of committing suicide but only lack the drive. Otherwise, the best thing about this band seems to be their record collection. "Obsessions" is a shameless - but enjoyable - crib of Bright Eyes in Digital Ash mode.

"There’s no Place in This World"'s chorus is pure Bowie. And so on. It’s a bit like listening to a drunken 15-year-old boy rambling on about a breakup while on ecstasy. Of course, he’s really sad, and of course you really do care a little bit, but he’s just rolling out all the stuff he’s heard other people say and hasn’t actually felt himself yet.

Problem is, out there in the cold lands of Europe, people are confusing these guys with really good bands in the chamber-punk/pop genre (like The Brakes, and British Sea Power, which are partly the same band but never mind…) They’re really rating what they like to call this 'sophomore' album. Either these Europeans are crazy, or they’re getting something I’m not. Potential, perhaps?

- Jean Barker

In some obscure, sooty corner of the world, this band with a cool name starts up, and strangely enough, they’re in with a chance. So much so that their album actually gets exported to South Africa? It’s pretty strange. Not that there’s absolutely NO point to this band. Their songs, though rambling, musically formulaic and guileless beyond all charm, are a great way to learn to count to four at three different speeds.

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