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The Script

2008-09-05 14:50
The band hails from Ireland, although you wouldn’t really notice. Two members of the band, singer-guitarists Danny O'Donoghue and Mark Sheehan worked as producers in Los Angeles, collaborating with such luminaries as Rodney Jerkins and the Neptunes – hence the R&B flavour fuelling their current, inescapable hit "We Cry".

It’s a song with a bit of a social conscience, giving a shout-out to the teenage mothers, the junkies and the destitute out there – "coz, y'know, we totally feel their suffering, sitting here in our comfy recording studio". Or something along those lines. The actual lyrics may have been a bit more diplomatic.

"Rusty Halo" and "The End Where I Begin" are ambiguous tales of finding hope and love in world working against you. Beyond the warm production and Canderel melodies, there is little to actually grasp onto.

Then they really reach for the Coldplay crowd with the sad-sack "I'm a loser, but you’re an angel" routine on "I’m Yours". The lyrics are gag-tastic. "If You See Kay" is the lamest of them all – an undisguised retread of "We Cry" that actually exposes how heavily that song borrows its riff from Sting’s "Shape of My Heart".

There is doubtless going to be a slobbering fan base for this band. The choruses are epic, the vocals are intensely emotional but the album never quite gets beyond second gear. Their intentions seem pure, but where’s the fun in that?

Oh, and good luck trying to tell them apart from fellow sad-boy rockers OneRepublic.

- Shaheema Barodien

Like an annoying itch in a place you can’t quite reach, or an uninvited guest who just won’t leave, The Script are here to annoy you into submission with their bland and uninspired balladry.

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galamatias 2008/10/01 2:13 PM
Needs serious editing The latest entry into that marvellous genre of Neutered Boy Pop, filling a much needed gap between The Jonas Brothers and Maroon 5, we have some Irish mannequins. And the stick very closely to the script - one which relies on formula (and not just the baby kind). Maybe they'll be rockers when they begin shaving and get out of junior high, but I doubt it. If Metallica define heavy metal, then this is Christmas tinsel - man, does it grate your teeth!
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