The Subways - All Or Nothing

2008-09-30 17:35
But, as they say, "Youth is wasted on the young", and although the album was great for Saturday Night car chases whilst downing shooters to the single "Rock N Roll Queen", it still had that one hit wonder smell about it.

Soon after the release, the tell tale signs started to show when lead singer Billy Lunn developed nodules on his vocal chords and faced possible career death. He also split with longtime sweetheart and fellow band member Charlotte Cooper. Things didn’t seem too good in camp Subways and the end seemed nigh.

It's 2 years on now, and they've returned, as if from the dead. Their brand new album is the aptly titled All Or Nothing and is testament to that old adage – "If it does not kill you, it will make you stronger".
The suffering, the heartache and the operations seem to have made a real band out of The Subways - and primed them to release an album many are calling a contester for 'Album of The Year'. Featuring a classic mix of old Subways Rock N Roll with a thread of indie melody and a maturity only evident in bands who have been around the proverbial block a few times.

But saying that, it still has the whispy feeling of youth in it, and burns thick with the rays of summer. Opening track "All Or Nothing" is a winner, a song to pogo and drink beers to. Billy Lunn's tender side shines through on "Move To Newlyn" and "Strawberry Blonde" as he sings a lament to his broken heart: "You're the matador and I'm The Bull, you’re the brass key hole I fit into, You're the wind and I am the weather vein...You’re the strawberry blonde and I'm the grey".

All Or Nothing is the second album that made a band bound for one hit wonderdom, a band ready to take on the whole of the world.

- Painter Jane

When Brit rock trio The Subways released their debut album Young For Eternity they growled with attitude, sweated with the acid smell of youth, and sang their hearts out every track.

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