The Ting Tings - We Started Nothing

2008-09-09 17:39
This duo from Manchester is riding their buzz to some impressive heights, considering how recently they broke it big. Between doing an iPod ad, a gig at Glastonbury and a number one single (in the form of the retro-pop number "That’s Not My Name"), they’re going further than your average eye-candy. It’s a shame that the album is so patchy.

Or perhaps it’s the lack of patchiness that turns me off. From a lot of these tracks I get the feeling that I'm ODing on that maddeningly catchy old tune "Mickey", all mashing together into a hand-clapping, head-bopping marathon. I find myself wanting the relief that tracks like the more minimal, B-52s-infused "We Started Nothing" bring, making listening to the disk more than a handful of times a chore. A little more emphasis on the 'indie' in 'indie pop' would give this album the prognosis of a longer lifespan. That said, the song "Great DJ" is a guilty pleasure that I’m happy to indulge right now.

No-one’s going to accuse them of making great music, but some sassy hooks and bucketloads of pouty attitude go a long way. Enjoy it while it lasts – because as the album says, they did, indeed, start nothing.

- Finn Gregory

The Ting Tings first blipped onto my radar via a media source whose hipster credentials are impeccable and beyond reproach. Perhaps too generous in my latitude, my immediate response was akin to finding calorie-free chocolate for those with a sweet tooth, or tar-free smokes for the pack-a-day wheezers: "Ah, at last - guilt-free pop for the indie-inclined!" It's at times like these that I'm reminded yet again that nothing comes for free.

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Rasputin, Pop Star 2008/09/11 8:49 AM
perhaps, but... THAT'S NOT MY NAME!!
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