The Vinyl Frontier - various - The "Vinyl" Frontier... *Cough*

2006-03-29 18:32
Defence exhibit #1: the inner sleeve blurb champions "house music on the radio to wake South Africa up dancin' Friday morning on the Mark Gilman Show 5FM". Fair enough, that's exactly what Vinyl Frontier is - a radio ready mix of European house spliced with the odd Afro-groove or trance move, a little bit funky, high on a retro-soul, and disco heavy tip. But there's also absolutely nothing too progressive or heavens forbid tech, trance or hip-hop expressive about this.

Would the prosecution care to cross-examine? Well, your honour, the people feel that the copywriter responsible for the complete misrepresentation of the nauseating liner note hard sell deserves to be shot. Prosecution exhibit #1: "Multiple genres of dance music from drum and bass to garage, trance to hip-hop, mixed by the world's best." Or so they boastfully would have us believe. Bullshit. Don't you wish that advertising agencies would stick to what they do best - like selling overpriced lifestyle vehicles to overpaid yuppie scum?

Verdict: Vinyl Frontier deserves to be listened to and appreciated without any caveats as to what the listener should expect. The opening "Eish Mix" of Jeff Maluleke's "Kiliminjaro" is a celebratory Afro-house romp that sets the easily accessible mid-to-up-tempo dance floor tone of the entire album. Despite some rather bland between track beat mixing, it's a mood that is sustained throughout. With the soaring soul (Milk & Sugar's "Let the Sunshine In"), melting into street funk swaggers (H Foundation's "New Funk Theory", Stylophonic's "Way of Life"), straightforward Latino-inflected club party jams (Junior Jacks' "E Samba") and the odd trance (Eric Prydz "Slammin'") or hip-hop twist (Kool Keith's "Don't Crush It").

It's an indication of exactly where 5FM situate their potential listeners that a compilation of this calibre can even see the light of day, let alone be "presented" by early morning "shock jock" Mark Gilman.

goda 2003/12/24 12:08 PM
It's the whole 5fm ethos that stinks There's this song that goes "let me tell you what it's like/ being male middle class and white/" which is clearly a satire of that MOR unimaginative pseudo garage rock by psuedo teenage boys in long pants, with thos awful, even, manicured sort of dental overbites. Oh, it's vile, and it sounds exactly like most of the music 5fm play. No wonder music doesn't sell in SA - this is the uninspiring trash the people with money are raised on. Hey, perhaps they like it... shame. Van Der Want and Letcher - Bignity
Cloudwraith 2003/12/31 8:58 AM
The "Vinyl" Frontier The CD reflects the direction that 5fm is going in - nowhere. The listenership is going elsewhere to hear the music they really want. It's a shame really - 5 has been a station of note for many years - but ..... sadly ...... not any more. Oh and by the way, Mark, you could quiet down and allow others to express their opinions a little more. I've heard nothing that has woken me up this Season.
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