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The Women – Original Soundtrack

2009-01-07 07:42
The Women (Verve Forecast, 2008)
Cut from a less edgy, less stylish cloth than Sex and the City (the movie it wishes it was), The Women even goes so far as to borrow many of the artists who appear on the Sex and the City soundtrack. So there's Goldfrapp sounding like she's floating through the heavens on champagne bubbles, while The Bird and the Bee are at least trying to see if they can achieve the same heights.

Other familiar voices like the always-lovely Feist, Annie Lennox and KT Tunstall add their feminine wiles to this pink and sickly sweet concoction. Not that these are bad songs. It's just that put together they represent all that is clichéd and nauseating about chick flicks and the accompanying culture.

The personas represented here ostensibly run the full gamut of womanhood: relationships (which often turn sour), friendship, fashion and babies – and that's just boring - and a little bit wrong.

As bland and derivative as the movie which spawned it, this collection of oestrogen-charged love songs seems primed to lull you to sleep, rather than compel you to strut in your heels on your next girl's night out.

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