The Zutons - Who Killed the Zutons

2006-03-29 20:17

Frontman and songwriter David McCabe's vocals, without being particularly different, are striking, and cleanly produced by Ian Broudie (ex of the Lightning Seeds.)

The Zutons combine melodic, catchy, soulful, even countrified songs with smooth vocals, while still sounding punky. They're very Liverpudlian, being cute and bouncy and melancholic all at once. Their songs have a rock 'n roll psychedelic edge that'll make you think of Led Zeppelin, Traffic and maybe even Zappa.

This is a fun CD. You'll play often. It's full of hooks, gimmicks and great rock grooves. What more could you want? Originality? Please people! It's nearly 2005. Let's party.

- Jean Barker


This is an ambitious but fully accomplished debut that promises good times are ahead for the Liverpool five-piece.
- Richard Banks for

There's a riot going on this debut album, but there's no bloodshed, just a mobbish custard pie confrontation between differing factions of pop history.
- Kevin Maidment for

...a band who can fit the lyric "dipsy-doodle" into a serious song deserves respect.
- A reviewer on

The Zutons are a great new band, with one major flaw - everyone will probably feel a justified but pointless urge to try and figure out who their sound reminds them of.

Richard 2004/12/24 12:14 PM
The Zutons - Who killed the Zutons Besides the metal sound there is also a lot of country and Rockabilly. They sound a lot like the English bands from the sixties, but trying to do the American thing. Nothing to rave about, just so-so. No
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