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They are the heavies - Metallica - St. Anger

2006-03-29 18:17

Just one sentence, but it's an assertion of authenticity that pretty much encapsulates the veteran metal gods' appeal. Maybe it's the fact that Metallica began their career way back in 1981 and have had more than two decades to digest everything from hair guitar bands (Motley Crue) and speed freaks (Napalm Death) to rap rock upstarts (Linkin Park). But when it comes to bringing the noise, Metallica remains the heaviest band on the planet.

Restoring metal to its seemingly discarded hardcore thrash punk roots, St. Anger is a blitzkreig of insurgent metal fury that panzers it's 75-odd minute path from full-throttle thrash brutality ("St. Anger", "Sweet Amber") to bludgeoning bass blowouts ("Some Kind of Monster") and back again. Taking no prisoners in their napalm death drive to metal nirvana the quartet carpet bomb everything from a punk purified blues ("Dirty Window") to stadium rock detonations ("Invisible Kid", "All Within My Hands").

Metallica sacrifice MTV lite metal anthems at the altar of their ire, and their fast and furious sonic strategy provide a much needed missing link to both the impaled blues of Black Sabbath and the "wave your dick in the air and let's have a beer" bar room braggadocio of Thin Lizzy.

Okay, so this may not be something you should play when trying to get your girlfriend into the groove. But packed with enough enema inducing percussion, flying-V guitar pyrotechnics and sheer bass brutality St. Anger sure as hell leaves self-styled heavyweights such as Limp Bizkit and yes, even Audioslave looking like the mere pompous pop posers they are.

"My lifestyle determines my death style" barks lead singer James Hetfield on the pummelling speed metal frenzy of "Frantic", the opening track off Metallica's ball blistering new album St. Anger.

gert 2006/08/01 11:07 PM
gods of rock u rock u r gods of oldscool
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