Three Days Grace

- Three Days Grace

2006-03-29 19:20

Meet Three Days Grace: Lead singer Adams with his powerful vocals, layered and loud, lifted by the counterpoint of dramatic but thoughtful rock guitar from Barry and Brad and guided by sharp and clean drumming from Neil.

Their sound will remind you of Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Rage Against the Machine, and more recently Nickleback and Linkin Park. But initially exciting, they grow gradually unrelenting, and eventually boring. In small doses, their pro rock is on target, but the angry self pitying screaming about their middle class, suburban boy angst just goes on (and on), only really balanced on the second last track "Take me under", where acoustic moments show that Three Days Grace are actually capable of some very effective musical variation.

It's tough deciding whether the emotional immaturity of the young men is the selling point of this CD, or just a good reason to ignore it. The single did well, but are their fans going to buy it, or are they going to burn it, listen to it twice and then toss it? Will anyone remember them in a year? They do sound like a lot of the others in the Nu-Metal / New punk crowd, whose continual anger is a bit wearing after a while.

You'll find yourself wishing you could say: "If you hate your parents and your girlfriend so much, why not leave home, get a job, and learn to cook for yourself?"

On the other hand, most art (and that particularly includes rock music) is all just an act or a passing mood in the end. And this is no exception. Three Days Grace's teenage antics are there to entertain, not impress us with their maturity.

And even if they act like teenagers onstage, they're in their twenties now and, like all good boys of Rock 'n' Roll, thank their long suffering families profusely in the sleeve notes. Lead singer Adam even lists his mother as one of his musical influences, along with unexpectedly, people like Jeff Buckley and Ben Harper!

They're no Nu-Nirvana, but these kids are alright.

- Jean Barker


It's a CD that brings out your adrenaline and gets your heart pumping. It's hard not to rock out to it whether your at home or in your car. There is something that everyone can relate to on this CD. It comes from experience and from heart.
- User Jackie Schniepp on, who gave it 5 stars

The lyrics are clichéd teen angst. Anger at parents, peers, self-loathing etc.
- Arsenik on, who gave it 1 star

....anyone interested in a stripped-down rock album that's generally firing on all cylinders would do just fine to check this one out.
- Punkrawka on, who gave it 3 stars.

Sweaty and tightly rousing rock - mean enough for speedy kids, and still mellow enough for radio play, but one song after another explores the same rather tired angry young man theme. 2004/09/05 12:51 PM 2004/09/05 12:52 PM 2004/09/05 12:52 PM
Lilith 2004/09/06 7:23 AM
forgettable, that's what you are. They wrote a nice song or two, and perhaps we'll still find the odd kid moshing to that in ten years but otherwise? Forgettable stuff. Radiohead - OK computer
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