Tiesto - Elements of Life – Remixed

2008-07-04 09:25
Elements of Life was originally released in early 2007, and proved to be yet another massive hit for the deck jockey, garnering a Grammy Award nomination for Best Electronic/Dance Album. And like all box office record-smashing superhero movies, a sequel is usually called for, hence this remix project.

Unfortunately though, very rarely are pop vanities such as these called for. It’s like those annoying “bonus discs” that sometimes comes with some albums. Who listens to those anyway? And besides, Tiesto makes the type of dance music that’s more likely going to help you wile away the hours of another dreary commute than get your arse on the dance floor.

These tunes have a distinct lack of personality or the kind of fun, sonic experimentations that made superstar DJs out of Fatboy Slim and The Chemical Brothers. So the aim with Elements of Life - Remixed is to water down a collection of already-drowning songs – and that is precisely what we get.

Every now and then there’s a soaring, sometimes hysterical guest vocal poking through the wall of blandness, looking for “love” and “light in the darkness” and “no more gunfire”. So yes, there’s a bit of social awareness in “Dance4Life” (featuring Maxi Jazz of Faithless) that doesn’t sound tacky and contrived, and offers the only moment on the album that connects.

Overall this is an uninspiring effort that serves as background music to what many may claim are “euphoric” experiences at clubs and raves around the world. But to the sober ear, Elements of Life – Remixed is actually mildly depressing.

- Shaheema Barodien

Remix albums are a bit of an oddity. They’re usually for die-hard fans only and don’t offer anything new so they tend to have a limited appeal. Tiesto however is an immensely popular club DJ and has been voted everything from best live DJ in the world to the 40th greatest Dutch citizen of all time by his country folk.

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