Tiesto - Kaleidoscope

2009-12-01 13:39

The package is a full-blown electronic house offering with a blend of pop, indie, techno and rock grooves that point to both overwhelming experience and a desperate effort to release a "spiced-up" masterpiece. Isn't cramming 12 cameo artists into 17 tracks a bit too much?

Then again, this album is, of course called Kaleidoscope.

The title-track gets the journey going with melodious sounds and echoing vocals in the backdrop. There is none of the thumping bass or raucous guitar grooves you normally associate with electro tunes and only five minutes into it, does one begin to hear the trademark tendencies of a classic electro hit. That's the delayed drop technique at its best! Don't for a second think this means Tiesto has gone soft. He hasn't.
"Escape Me" rocks, despite karaoke-like vocals from C.C Sheffield. Karaoke is no problem for Kianna, the bass guitarist and lead singer of Tilly And The Wall, who struts her stuff on "You Are My Diamond" – an awesomely spanked together fusion of thrashing electro thuds coupled with acoustic guitar and soulful vocals that will sure make you call your other half and tell them those very words. It's a definitive listen!

In contrast, "I Am Strong", is a much more laid back groove with smooth, distinctively haunting vocals from American songwriter, Priscilla Ahn. On the flipside, "Fresh Fruit" – as the name suggests, is a cool cocktail of thrashing bass and buzzing electro sounds. What also makes it unique is that it features no vocals. It's pure and clean instrumentals all the way – something this album painfully lacks.

"What if I’m a fan of vocal house?" you ask. Fair enough, "But what if you're also a fan of instrumental house?"….Shouldn't an album from someone of Tiesto's stature accommodate such fans too? Though "Bend It Like You Don’t Care" is also an instrumentals only track, it fails to make an impact thanks to its monotonous, stagnant vibe.

"Who Wants To Be Alone", which features sultry Canadian songstress Nelly Furtado, has more of a pop feel to it than anything else. Yes, Furtado is a pop artist. That isn't the beef. The beat and pulse is just too tame and lacks the oomph of a vivacious act such as Furtado. Scottish electro pop hipster Calvin Harris does some justice to “Century”, which has a lively and upbeat tempo that makes this tune a definite club anthem hopeful.

The Canadian duo of Tegan & Sara bring in an Indie Rock element to the offering with "Feel It In My Bones" which encompasses a cool guitar concoction , while "Knock You Out", reminds us once again, that yes, this album is intended to get you shaking what your mama gave ya!, courtesy of some smooth, sultry vocals from songwriter Emily Haines.

Just as the opening title-track kick started proceedings on a mellow and melodious tip, "Surrounded By Light" - the last throw of the dice – is also a harmonious hum that passes more as an outro.

Tiesto exhibits vast amounts of experience and talent on Kaleidoscope, which becomes evident by the various styles of music he infused and I believe they signal the most diverse he's went with his sound. Big ups for that!

However, in light of this, I still have to admit that I've heard better stuff from him – like in Elements Of Life, his preceding album which had more drive and firepower than this. And though this is by and large a pound for pound offering, it is a poor reflection of his readiness to acquire top spot. He could’ve done better.

He's currently one position shy of being the world's best deejay according to the prestigious DJ Magazine. But with his fourth studio album, Kaleidoscope, Dutch whizz Tiesto makes it clear that he's gunning for the top spot by boosting his vibrant mixture of club land floor fillers with cameos from a VIP cast including Nelly Furtado, Calvin Harris, Bloc Party's Kele Okereke, Tegan & Sara, and more.

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El_Heino 2009/12/08 1:45 PM
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Tiesto took a different turn on this set. However, still a good set of music with awesome guest artist on some of the tracks. Not the best of Tiesto, but it can do.
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