Tindersticks - The Hungry Saw

2008-07-15 08:46
Never heard of them? Well this is the seventh album from this hard-to-box band from the originally Nottingham-based band. And you've probably never heard of them because they're really weird-sounding at first. Vocalist Stuart Staples's deep, throbbing vocals float over lushly orchestrated, minor key arrangements that illustrate the chronically melancholic themes they've been exploring ever since they started.

Tindersticks are never, ever going to part of the pop establishment. The fey world of mental torture, bad dreams and beauty that they conjure up is a place all of its own, and Kylie just couldn't step in and out of it, although Nick Cave, Lambchop and a few others certainly stick their heads in.

That doesn't mean this is obscure stuff, or difficult to love. At its core, almost every song on The Hungry Saw is a modern Celtic classic. Every melody could be sung drunk in a pub. And both "Yesterday's Tomorrows" and the title track would be dead cert Number One hits if someone sexy sang them to a boring beat.

- Jean Barker

Moody, tender, epic and different to everything you'd compare it with. Tindersticks inspire overuse of adjectives, but don't hold that against them.

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