Toby Lightman - Little things

2006-03-29 21:08

"There's a world of difference between pop stars who sing other people's songs, and female singer/songwriters who truly touch your soul" says Toby Lightman's website. Lightman's trying to touch your soul, but does she succeed?

Like Sheryl Crow and Joni Mitchell, Toby Lightman's debut album Little Things blends elements of soul, country, rock and pop. Breezy ballads and rhythmic tunes makes for an easy listen and broad range of influences can be heard in all her tracks.

Little Things is based on everyday experiences and will appeal to a wide audience. Lightman's lyrics are simple and honest with a hint of innocence that is rare in today's egocentric scene. Her voice, however, is what really stands out and saves the album. It's powerful, passionate and provocative. Lightman's talent is refreshing in a young artist. She says she's not in it for the fame, "I want to sell music, not myself."

She is no pre-packaged bubblegum artist; unfortunately that means she's not the hit-making kind either. She will no doubt have a following, but not of mega-star proportions.

Lightman has the potential to achieve big things given the chance, but for now Little Things, although good, falls short of being great.

- Ashlin Simpson


It's amazing to think that Lightman only discovered her singing voice by accident and never started writing her own material until she was at college. But with a voice and songwriting talent as captivating and mesmerising as hers, it's clear Little Things could be the start of something very, very big.
- Andrew Ellis for Pop Matters

Little Things is a nice, but not astounding, debut from a sincere new voice in crossover pop.

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