Tom Jones - Praise & Blame

2010-10-16 17:44
Tom Jones is a legend. Since his very first hit back in the 1960s, he has sold over 150 million albums and covered almost every form of popular music there is including pop, hip hop, and dance.

Praise & Blame moves away from Jones’s usual contemporary pop genre into the realm of gospel music. But don't be troubled by the thought of another hymn-styled gospel album from an ageing crooner - the songs are surprisingly fresh and original.

Working with top producer Ethan Johns, who has produced works for artists like Kings of Leon, Jones adds his own unique take to gospel songs sung by other well -known legends like Bob Dylan & John Lee Hooker.

On Praise and Blame Jones adds his own rock n roll edge to the music. Songs like "Burning Hell", for example ,will have you envisioning yourself in front of a kicking live rock band, dancing wildly to lyrics like "Maybe there ain’t no heaven/ maybe there ain't no hell/ no burning hell."

Tom Jones performs 'Did Trouble Me' for GMTV

In between these upbeat rock n roll numbers, be prepared to be mesmerised by Jones’s commanding voice as he sings soulful numbers like "Did Trouble Me" and "What Good Am I" crooning "What good am I if I’m like all the rest/ If I just turn away when I see how you’re dressed/ If I shut myself off so I can’t hear you cry/ What good am I?"

The rhythmic, raw sounds of the guitar and drums beating in the background only adds to the powerful effect of the songs, making you feel as if you are right there in the room with him.

Jones has come full circle a couple of times since his first number hit "It’s not Unusual", But Praise and Blame is ultimately about gospel music. The more open minded or die-hard Jones fans should give the CD a listen. It may be different to his previous hits, but it's a whole new side of gospel music (and Tom Jones for that matter).

The Welsh Wonder moves away from his usual contemporary pop and into the realm of gospel music - and it's quite good, actually.

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