Toni Braxton - Un-break my heart: The Remixes Collection CD

2006-03-30 01:16

Gallery: Unlike these remixes, Toni is absolutely gorgeous.

Remember when a remix was basically the same track, but longer, and with an awful dance beat? No need to cast your mind back if you buy this CD, which is just like something you'd hear at 80s "disco" parties..

Toni Braxton's full throated, gorgeous voice sounds like it's being badgered by annoying gummy bear beats that keep cutting in to delay the climactic moments. Compared to a lot of the sophisticated stuff that's available on the remix scene nowadays, this is laughably past it.

Nostalgia might drag you onto the dance floor, and wedding DJs will doubtless snap up The Remixes Collection in a callous, thoughtless attempt to bring young and old together for hours of alcohol-fuelled humiliation. But remember, everyone dances to the Macarena at weddings, too. And we all regret it, or certainly don't want to see it show up in the final cut of the video.

A good DJ / producer could probably do wonderfully refreshing things with Braxton's performances. But Un-break My Heart: The Remix Collection is merely another excuse to repackage and rerelease an artist who did it right the first time, in the original versions of her songs.

Braxton's good stuff if you like your pop nice and soggy. So go get her Best Of, and wet your pillow to that instead.

- Jean Barker

"OVER 1 HOUR OF CONTINUOUS SEXY CLUB MIXES" says the yellow sticker on this CD. Sexy? Not sure. "Unbreak my heart" is a classic, but the remixing is like some kind of 80s nightmare.

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