Tool - 10 000 Days

2007-07-09 14:18
It starts off with some promise: “Vicarious” and “Jambi” are both powerful and dynamic tracks, but at over 7 minutes long each your average listener is bound to lose interest. Still, “Vicarious” is a topically cynical look at death, entertainment and our (okay lead singer Maynard’s) morbid fascination with chaos and destruction. Then again, you never quite know whether or not Tool is taking the piss. They definitely sound serious on “Wings For Marie (pt 1)” and “10,000 Days (pt 2)”. The latter is a moving account of the passing of Maynard’s mother after 27 years (10,000 days) of being paralyzed that finds the singer sharing his feelings regarding his loss, her journey into the afterlife and his bittersweet newfound freedom. Still, there are different ways to interpret the lyrics with just one of the bizarre theories abounding in cyberspace claiming that the song is actually a message that Satan will be released in 27 years!
Yes, it’s at this point that the album runs out of momentum and becomes a jumble of esoteric notions and suitably strange soundscapes. It would be a bad idea to use this as driving music as you’ll most probably end up in a ditch thinking you are your own uncle and that LSD would make a great dietary supplement.

Loedi van Renen
There is absolutely nothing ‘Pop’ about Tool, especially 10,000 Days. In fact, they break every one of Mr. Simon ‘Idols’ Cowell’s golden rules of selling out. Not that they necessarily care, considering their generally dark alt. rock disposition. But it has resulted in somewhat of an art nouveau experience. As with the average ‘art’ film, you’ll either love this CD or absolutely hate it.

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Vic 2007/07/11 4:08 PM
Musical Achievment From the second that you open the amazingly crafted album cover (that won the Grammy for best recording package in 2006), you instantll realise that you are in for something different. 10 000 days is a musical wonder. It explorers the depth of soundscapes that little to no other music even touches. Tool have always been a band flying under the radar of commercial music for over 10 years, and it seems that this is just how they want it. Many people have been turned off of it for many reasons, such as the song length, controvesial lyrics, being branded as a 'Musician Band', and sheer brutal heavyness. But it must be know that this album is not a quick fix, 'jump right in' kind of album. It has a very unique production sound, where unlike pretty much all other music, the vocals are not constantly front and centre. But in order to truely enjoy this album, you need a bit of a Tool background, as 10 000 days is more an expansion on previous musical themes and ideas than there previou
Vic 2007/07/11 4:10 PM
Musical achievment continued than their previous offerings. For a new listener, you would be better suited first listening to Aenima, as it is definitely the most accessible of their albums, in terms of individual song strength with songs like 'aenima' and 'Stinkfist', and then open yourself up a bit to Lateralus, the bands best offering so far with a solid journey from one song to the next. Getting back to 10 000 days, if you complain about the song length, just realise that every second brings you closer to a musical climax that cannot be rivalled. Vicarious, a hit out at reality TV and its effects on the general population, kick the album off aggressively, followed by Jambi in much the same vain. After the initial 2 tracks 15 minute assualt, the "wings" epic starts, it is an eery, slow paced exploration of frontman Maynard James Keenan's emotions after the passing of his mother (Judith Marie) While Maynard has delt with this before in his side project band (a perfect cirlce) in a song called Judith, Wings fo
Vic 2007/07/11 4:14 PM
Musical achiement part 3 ...Wings for Marie is a far more mature approach on the subject. The album continues with some solid tracks, experimenting with strange time signatures in a way not heard before (e.g. 5/8 timing in The Pot) Rosetta stoned is probably the lowlight of the album, feeling a little out of place, and only put in because of its unique sound and interesting style of story telling. But just when you start to feel a let down, 'Right In Two' starts to play. This climactic track dealing with the imperfections of human existance and the abuse of the power that God has given us, is vocally the strongest track on the album, and a song on which each musician shines. In conclusion, is the CD for everyone? No. Is it an easy listen? No. Is it suitable at a party? Only if you have a very strange group of friend. But is it brilliant for what it is? Most definitely yes! Broaden your musical horizons, open your mind, and enjoy the orginality and musical brilliance that is 10 000
Vic 2007/07/11 4:15 PM
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