Tracy Chapman - Our Bright Future

2008-12-15 15:02
Our Bright Future
Our Bright Future is another easy collection of ambiguous, tender and proud songs . And while the central numbers on Let it Rain (2002) seemed to be about feeling hope for her heart and Where You Live (2005) was about morality, Our Bright Future is a reflection on her - admittedly quiet - role in public life, and a very sad mourning of what sounds like a lost relationship. It's also as brave as she's always been - another portrait of someone who's nothing if not willing to live life fully, even when it's just no fun at all.

She longs to be able to give love on "Sing for You". She mocks her party lifestyle - nights spent inhaling second-hand smoke around A-List B-Movie stars. She says goodbye to love's potential with "It's alright, it's alright" on "For a dream". She delivers a prayer for a better world on the title track, making every recent rock 'n roll anti-war anthem sound like it was written by a 12-year-old.

Unadorned but beautiful, Tracy Chapman's music (like her look) has been the same so long it has it's own cliches. But luckily, she's pretty much perfect when she's just being herself.

A new Tracy Chapman album is always a welcome gift to the grown-up nerds and outsiders that are her fans, because she never really changes. Listening to her you feel understood, and safe, like in the company of an old friend.

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