Tuks - Monopoly

2009-03-16 12:35
In Monopoly Tuks starts us off with a slightly-distorted-by-static voice, feverishly addressing an audience, unravelling a conspiracy:

“The government is getting what they ordered. They do not want your children to be educated. They do not want you to think too much.”

If the sample sounds familiar it’s because it’s from the cult, viral film, Zeitgeist – an independently produced montage-doccie that lambasts capitalism as modern slavery, calls for liberty through global mobilization, and has apparently been viewed world-wide by over 100 million potential ‘recruits’.

Tuks takes this “Preface” and uses it shoe-horn us into the “The Reckoning”, a militaristic track that elaborates on this theme with the main and only difference being that he now applies the global to the local. Marching drums bump over parading trumpets as an emotive symphony lays itself at the base for Tuks’ sharply-delivered observations on the cyclic degeneration of township life.

The next track, “Interview”, is a semi-bitter and ironic take on press sensationalism. It knocks with a lo-key beat, as a laid-back, but scathing Tuks takes the media to task on its gross misrepresentation and love for rumours and beef-baiting.

Then there's “Hell Rain” and “Re Dah” which epitomise the preoccupations of Monopoly (yes, a concept album) in that lyrically they bring forward Tuks’ despairing loss of hope in current cultrural socio-political institutions. He spits on being enslaved by material possessions, the loss of ubuntu, and people “living with their coffins slung on their backs”.

But he hasn’t completely lost his patented sense of sly humour as he takes a break during "Re Dah" and contemplates having a beer to distress – and then he’s back into it calling out religion and politics for their empty promises.

Monopoly is a conscious departure from Tuks’ previous albums. The production is handled solely by Thaso and hangs precariously between the airiness of radio-friendliness and underground grittiness. Tuks says this gray area is a deliberate decision on his part, his intention being to “irk the mind” and provoke lucidity and reflection.

Expectedly, a lot of people might find the album exhaustive and preachy, and in some cases they might have a point – Tuks does seem to go on a bit. But at a time when most of local hip hop seems to apologetically fit itself into a commercial mould, Tuks’ impassioned audacity comes as a welcome breath of fresh air.
Tuks Senganga is irreverent the way any MC with something to say should be. Interviewers know it, fans know it, and he knows it. The man never holds his tongue. Interviewers grow edgy and fans shift into the anxiety of “what’s next?”, while he reclines, relaxes, and – with a slight scowl of concentration – waxes lyrical, keeping it as personal as it is political.

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Chris 2009/03/16 3:02 PM
Great stuff. Can't wait to listen to it..
moh 2009/04/07 11:39 PM
tuks o senganga ka nnete boss ai ngiyavuma monopoly rocks
Kagiso 2009/04/15 7:24 PM
Great concept behind the album. This is true hip hop album in Morden South African delivered in vernacular, poking at our conscious. a welcome relief from the sense sound that is pumped to our heads daily
zee Taole 2009/04/25 2:32 PM
tuks wa rocka bathong so stop hatin plz tu. o senganga san!
zee Taole 2009/04/25 2:32 PM
tuks wa rocka bathong so stop hatin plz tu. o senganga san!
Elliot Marumoloa 2009/05/07 1:44 PM
Tuks said it in one of his tracks,Kgosi tsa kasi "KE TECHNOLOGY YA MOTSWAKO KE DULA KE TLHABOLOGA" And ya ol beta believe it for he is.I know all of his tracks and di afisa! "Kase ba go rate botlhe mos" Tuks!!!
Tumi 2009/08/03 10:31 AM
I must say ive recently fell in love with Mošanyana wa mafikeng ,he is so good its not funny,i love all his 3 albums ,im currently listening to the 3 of them at the same time ,the guy is brutally real and yeh " he'll rap his lungs out ,till you get the point that he's no con,Mc Prayer no 15 -Who i am ,and he is so funny,he's got a great sense of humour ,bo yeses Nagana! and Sis Gangstar e ke Groupie haha,and now Monopoly i listem to Big up fan all day ,haha i hope lenna Tuks wankgopola ,ke mpitšhi ya ga Thabo and nna ga ke nyake skipa ke nyaka antlele ka cap and TasMan is doing a great job,o tshwara di glass -Carribian chick ,Mc Prayer no 6 ,Impact sounds my label !salute Sengana ,you are really Ngangafied and riskified.by the way the little clips that he does a bolela are so funny bo Mshabala ,ya reng mashabela studios ,they are really funny and ,Bothlole f/max hoba great song ,God keep you and keep doing your thang,Morolong o ratshidi tholo seana tshipi!
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