Twilight – Original Soundtrack

2009-01-06 14:48
Twilight OST (Warner Bros./Gallo, 2008)
And for the first couple of tracks, the Twilight soundtrack fulfils the cliché, starting off with the grime rock of Muse's 2006 hit "Supermassive Black Hole", before swanning onto the tortured and irresistible (and all over your radio soon) Paramore single "Decode" Of course, something from the ever-agonised Linkin Park is not far off.

But soon it all steers off the obvious path and takes a wistful stroll into the ether with some interesting and unusual inclusions, displaying more imagination than the actual movie does. British electro duo The Black Ghosts contribution "Full Moon" is a romantic folk dreamscape that oozes loveliness and contends with Iron and Wine's subliminal "Flightless Bird, American Mouth" (featured during the movie's prom dance scene) as the standout track on the album.

Elsewhere Paramore gets a second opportunity to wrench their broken hearts, and the very old-school Collective Soul completely derail an otherwise promising collection with a so-90s-it's-embarrasssing song that it could definitely have done without.

But the most fascinating inclusion here is from the movie's breakout star Robert Pattison, who plays the blood-thirsty Edward Cullen. With just a guitar and his broken down, soul-boy voice, Pattison resembles Paul Weller and Marvin Gaye at their most contemplative, and sounds so frail and sensitive, he is bound to capture even more young girls' hearts. Not there he has any shortage of those. If this acting thing doesn’t pan out, he needn't worry.

For a teen 'horror' movie about a family of vampires, that boasts one of the most aesthetically blessed cast in recent times, it seemed a no-brainer that the Twilight soundtrack would be a hipster's guide to the coolest, neo-emo rock music out there, telling the doomed love story of the movie's star-crossed lovers in twisted, darkly dramatic song.

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