Twins: Best of Twins

2008-01-30 17:12
Okay, first of all, we all know Twins didn’t release more than two albums in their time, so how can they release a compilation CD? It seems like they’re taking chances. They claim this album is a celebration to their legion of fans who’ve waited patiently for their return, yet they’re dishing out songs we already have. That said, at least the collection has popular sing-along party starters like “Shona Phansi”, “Higher and Higher” and “Love 10000” we all got down to in the 90s. The boys can sing, so we don’t feel like they’re forcing matters. But whether the album is worth buying is another story.

-Tiisetso Tlelima

They were South Africa’s version of Boys Two Men in the 90s. We fell in love with their ‘vernac’ love ballads, and their looks, of course! But like most Mzansi R&B musos of the 90s, we’ve forgotten about them for a reason. Their music just doesn’t have longevity. It seems silly then that they would release a compilation album instead of giving us a set of fresh, new songs.

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Sibusiso 2008/02/05 10:32 AM
The Twins They awesome
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