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Tykoon Suit - Smart Casual

2007-06-28 09:53
The group is made up of three rather dashing and very well dressed young men. Digger Barnes and Bang Bang handle the MCing while Benny Wong takes care of the beatmaking and DJing. They describe their sound as “escapist blue collar Hip Hop with Funk and Jazz influences, with a unique urban flavour”.

We feel that these guys aren’t getting the attention they deserve, so we decided to do the democratic thing and take it to the streets. Have a look at what the public consensus was and, in the democratic spirit of this review, give us your comments.
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P.S. you’ll never guess who we caught on camera in Wembley Square… a special guest street reviewer with a white streak in his afro.
If you’re a hip hop head, then Tykoon Suit should definitely be in your CD collection. This local outfit released their debut album, Smart Casual, in July 2006

bradley 2007/06/28 6:48 PM
The F***G BOMB Give IT UP For Digger and His Crew!!!!!!
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