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2006-03-29 20:19

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When Kylie started out she couldn't really sing. And she didn't need to sing. She was already famous in Britain and Australia, she was cute and young. She fitted perfectly into the Stock Aiken and Waterman formula of virtually identical pop tunes cheerfully intoned to identical bouncy beats. (At the time, there were rumours circulating that these hit songs were really written by the primitive 1980s computers, not by the songwriting teams credited.)

Kylie Version 1.0 was squeaky clean, with the emphasis being on squeaking rather than singing, unfortunately.

She murdered "The Locomotion", let's face it. If you've ever heard the original by Grand Funk Railroad, you'll concur. But there was always something lovely about her, and she sure survived that awful 80s scene so much better than her compatriots and co-stars: Rick Astley? Jason Donovan? Tiffany? Anyone care to comment?

By the time Kylie went the more disco and dance routes, you could hear that she'd grown up and actually learned to sing. And that more or less takes care of Disc One of The Ultimate Kylie .

Disc Two is a really pleasant change. The increased subtlety of her vocals is matched by a more mature production. The increased respect she'd won earned her collaborations with the highly respected Nick Cave on what the murder duet "Where the wild roses grow", and with Robbie Williams on the snappy "Kids". Next, she made a poppy trance of one seduction song after another.

Ultimate Kylie tells the story, omitting the padding that made her albums iffy purchases. And she sure moved with the times.

But what is so cool about Kylie is that she moved with the times without allowing any one fad to completely overwhelm her. Though each new album had reviewers claiming "she's grown up!", she never seemed to, or she grew up again and again, never getting old and tired.

There's some essential "Kylie" factor in every song. It's something girlish, bouncy and oddly wholesome.

- Jean Barker

Releasing best of albums is nothing new to Kylie Minogue but Ultimate lives up to its billing...
- Colette Bridge for BBC Nottingham

Kylie will be the ideal stocking filler for guys and gals alike this Christmas, to accompany the underwear or calendars that are sure to be near the top of plenty of shopping lists as well.
- Jack Foley for IndieLondon

This album is the work of producers trying to make a load of cash yet do not want to do much in improving the music quality in general.
- a visitor to Amazon.com

A collection that really is the ultimate - 33 songs spanning Kylie's career, from the squawking teenager of Neighbours fame, to the 70s styled sex kitten of the platform shoes, to today's pop goddess.

Gerald 2004/12/03 8:45 AM
Ultimate Kylie EXCELENT !!!!!!!! ALL OVER !!!!!!!!!!!! YES 100%
Dirk du Plessis 2004/12/03 1:03 PM
in your eyes I have always been a big Kylie fan and I feel this is a good combination of the Kylie of the 80's to what we can expect fron her in the futre. You rock girl!!
Dirk du Plessis 2004/12/03 1:03 PM
in your eyes I have always been a big Kylie fan and I feel this is a good combination of the Kylie of the 80's to what we can expect fron her in the futre. You rock girl!!
Donna K 2004/12/03 1:04 PM
Ultimate Kylie I feel all sentimental when I think of Kylie's songs, but I hated most of it at the time when it was on radio.
Butch 2004/12/03 1:18 PM
Tears on my Pillow Allways good to hear Kylie Yes
Wynand 2004/12/03 1:43 PM
Slow very good
Bjorn 2004/12/04 9:19 AM
Smilie Kylie What a long career. This woman "silly" pop tunes have been around around forever and are basically a cornerstone in the pop industry today. Where would radio be today with them? They also hold a sentimental value in the hearts of many people which is why this woman is able to sell records to this day. Shes come a long way from being another manufactured pop star to taking control and collaborating with other artists showing an artistry in the land of pop. Yes pop is an artform now.Its slick delivery that sets her apart from fly by night pop acts. This album a true "Step back in Time"
Neil 2004/12/09 3:33 PM
Breath Kylie's the bomb Static X Machine
Dion 2004/12/09 4:16 PM
none Whats her phone number ??????
maryna 2005/02/23 3:39 PM
I believe in you Kylie Minogue Ultimate Kylie
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