Unconstrained, nu-metal Staind

- Staind: 14 Shades of Grey

2006-03-29 18:17

Discarding the "boys own" posturing and overdone angst of nu-metal muppets like Linkin Park, Staind deliver an unrestrained dose of defiant arena rock anthems where bleeding guitar epics ("Price to Play", "Falling Down") jack into understated power ballads ("So Far Away", "Fray") on an always introspective lyrical tip.

They build sonic intensity with a barrage of bass brewed workouts ("Yesterday") and the prevailing sonic mood is actually hardly metal at all. The acoustic "Zoe Jane" takes a delicate folksy refrain and turns it into a full-blown epic ode to lost love.

Similarly, the mix of sentient vocal shards and slow burning sonic fury on "Fill Me Up" and "Could it Be" recalls the blues skewered grunge rock of Alice in Chains or even Stone Temple Pilots. Actually, the Alice in Chains reference is most apt, with the sprawling meditations of "Layne" aching in its eulogy to the Chains' now deceased lead singer.

On 14 Shades of Grey Staind prove that when it comes to misnomers, not even so-called nu-metal can constrain their visceral rock 'n roll flow.
Unconstrained by nu-metal and beginning to show a sensitive side, Staind's rock flows.

Wimpie 2005/11/23 4:38 PM
14 Shades of Grey Absolutely Brilliant!!!! Definitely this ONE!!!
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