Under The Influence Of Giants

2007-07-25 16:02
So they might dress up like 70’s porn stars and actually play their instruments pretty well, but notes don’t make a song. Just about every 'song' on this album is so instantly forgettable you probably couldn’t even use this as background music at a party, lest you forget that there’s actually music playing at all. Even the opening track, “Faces”, which also happens to be the grooviest song on the disc, leaves you feeling like you’ve been pelted (I mean gently showered) with soft pink fluffy marshmallows.

Of course, all of this only really matters if you’re at all interested in the actual music. I can see this stuff going down a treat with the evolved music taste fashion-conscious but-oh-I’m-so-not-fashion-conscious post-Indie really really Indie crowd.

If that made sense to you, don’t worry, your brother will one day wake up and stop wearing those neon leopard print scarves. All in all the production quality is chart-good and the presentation of the disc is impeccable. The problem lies with the content. Compared to what’s happening in rock music globally this yawn of an album just doesn’t cut it. UTIOG, stop trying to be so sophisticated and just write some good songs!

- Loedi Van Renen

They said it couldn’t be done, but UTIOG have managed to make the most popcorn - it's good for a chew, but not at all filling - album since 5 morons got together and made “Songs about Jane”.

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