Underbelly - For A Cynical Science

2007-12-13 11:44
With so many bands in 'metal' creating music driven by a sort of pure malevolent rage, it’s refreshing to hear someone step up and offer us a fun kind of violence. It’s not evil, but it’s still dark. It’s heavy, but there’s still melody and structure. It’s technical and complex, yet its message is universal enough that anyone suffering from heartbreak to a bad case of PMS will get it.

The production is slick and faultless, and the band’s performance is exceptional. Hats off to Hendrik Nel, captain of the SS Big F*uckoff Beats, and his 1st mate Paul du Plessis for keeping things tight and heavy. In fact, there isn’t a member of this outfit that doesn’t perform. Preferences in guitar sound aside, the interplay on the strings is an intriguing feast for your ears. I’m picking up a serious Deftones vibe here, and I like it. Ettiene (vox) also does a serious Chino Moreno on "What?". The important thing is that he pulls it off.

On first spin I thought the album a slight bit monotonous, that maybe there just wasn’t enough stand out tracks to hook me in… Give it time to show its true self to you, and it’ll stick to you like spilled Jager on a bar counter.

- Loedi Van Renen

Urban legend has it that at one particular One Minute Silence show a man equipped with boxing gloves and a football helmet was allowed to return to the pit after the band refused to continue unless he was permitted to do so. Underbelly’s FACS reminded me of that story.

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Nazreen 2008/04/03 9:11 AM
LOVE IT These guys a amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing!!! Pity I don't have the album, every store I've been to says they're sold out :-/ Great news for the band, bad news for me...
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