Underoath - Lost In The Sound Of Separation

2008-12-05 13:23
But sometimes you have to let the metal do the talking, as Underoath have done with Lost in the Sound of Separation. It's pretty uncompromising stuff. Meatgrinder-bass and the skull-shaking vocals of Spencer Chamberlain have a way of pushing ideological considerations aside, apart from waking you the **** up. Well-built melodic passages, sneak attack bass breaks and "the end is near" agonising are all on the menu, which is why "Breathing In A New Mentality" and "A Fault Line, A Fault of Mine" are such fun to headbang to.
If the supposed 'message' gets lost in the ferocity, it may be a good thing. Anyone looking for divinity in the sheer intensity of this record is bound to find it, while everyone else can happily mosh their sinning behinds right off.

- Niel Bekker
Like many of their 'spiritual' rock forebears (we're pointing at you, Creed), Underoath raise a set of questions about sincerity. The interrogation is fair: too many artists have tried exploiting the religious music niche without really giving a rat's ass about who wins at the End of Days (Still comfortable, Creed?).

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