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Up, Bustle and Out - Istanbul’s Secrets

2007-12-07 14:36
In the groot trek of musical trends, they’re one of the less-famous leading bandwagons on the "world music discover and remix" mission. But they’re not colonists in the old sense at all, more all-consumed interpreters who seek out music that’s universal but exotic to the Euro scene, US and also SA scene, and produce an album based on their influences.

They’re respectful of the genre they’ve immersed their talent in to blend more sex and spice into an already exotic mix. Sex in this case means Nouvelle Vague’s Marina Celeste, with Sevval Sam as chief vocalist. The result is a lush fusion of eastern musical textures, universal yearning, and sunrise-seeking hedonism that’s easily absorbed through the down-tempo vocal tracks, or the dub-flavoured CD for more mellow vibes.

- Jean Barker

Istanbul’s secrets is another in Up, Bustle and Out’s series of collaborative explorations of musical cultures – they’re also done albums called things like One Colour Just Reflects Another and Mexican Sessions.

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