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Usher – Raymond V Raymond

2010-04-13 16:03
Raymond V Raymond

Look at all the friends he's invited to collaborate – poor guy must be so lonely! It must be hard to accept that you were a big deal and now you're taking any gig you can to keep your name in the papers. It's a pity because Usher's a talented dude, and he's wasting airplay, an appearance on American Idol and hard-earned money on promoting this non-event of an album.

Think of an Usher song; the first one that pops into your head. It's "Yeah!", isn't it? That was a great song! The closest thing to that kind of heat on this album is "OMG" featuring, mainly because provides all the sizzle.

Usher's only 32 years old, but the current single "Hey Daddy" paints him as a dirty old man. It just makes me think how old are the girls he's pursuing? From a 38-year-old wife to girls who can call him 'Daddy' – that's just creepy, man!

On "Lil Freak" featuring Nicki Minaj, the "Daddy' reference continues with some dirty visuals of hands down pants, kitty cats, and some devious intentions: "I'm plotting how I can take Cassie away from Diddy". Usher's just all about protégés at the moment. We wonder how he feels about his little bro Justin Bieber being more popular than he is?

Usher returns to some of the slow jam R&B goodness he's known for with "Foolin' Around", "Making Love" and "Papers". They're not as good as "Burn", but on this album, it's about all that's worth listening to.

Usher has sounded so bored since 'Confessions' – and it shows more than ever on his new album of 'all-star' collabs.

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Google2 2010/05/06 12:12 PM
"Look at all the friends he's invited to collaborate..." What an exaggeration Theres only 4 featured artists, which is normal for most chart topping artist. Im still planning to get this album, despite this silly review.
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