Vandross - still singing it smoothly - Luther Vandross - Dance with My Father

2006-03-29 18:20
Given the ongoing chart dominance of urban R&B you'd be forgiven for thinking that veteran soul singer Luther Vandross might tailor his timeless old school croon towards a more bedroom friendly set of slow jams. You know, funk things up with a bit of bump 'n grind or a splash of booty babe bliss? Forget about it!
Dance with My Father swings to an unashamedly refined and yes, old school soul sensibility. Reflective downtempo ballads explore the everyday intricacies of life with a passionate sophistication ("If I Didn't Know Better", "Buy Me a Rose") nestling comfortably up against a sequence of effortlessly seductive old school croons. Nowhere more so than on the aching sensual duet "The Closer I Get to You" where Luther's lush vocal interplay with Beyonce bewitches in its evocation of classic soul pairings such as Ashford and Simpson.

And when the cast of contemporary R&B/hip-hop collaborators such as Foxy Brown ("If it Ain't One Thing"), Busta Rhymes (Bill Withers' "Lovely Day") and Queen Latifah ("Hit it Again") do step up to the mic not even their street smart raps can overshadow Luther's singular velvet-smooth vocal glow.
Touching, refined, sophisticated and moving R&B from Vandross - classic in style despite a star-studded supporting cast of urban R&B collaborators.

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