Various Artists - Cover 2 Cover

2007-10-08 14:03
The biggest problem with these so-called covers is that at least 70% of the original lyrics have been cut out and yet these guys have the cheek to call it the same song. Take “We Are Family” originally done by the Sledge Sisters. The only words in the entire song are “We are family, I got all my sisters with me, get up everybody and sing,” coupled with some really obnoxious canned laughter. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but the original song did consist of three verses and a chorus, right?

That’s not the only travesty. If Paul Simon was dead he would probably be rolling in his grave if he heard the Love Dj’s rendition of “You Can Call Me Al”. It’s sung with no conviction by some random session singer with a really weird accent. Only upside is that they actually decided to keep half the lyrics. If you close your eyes really tight and drink copious amount of cheap liquor you can almost swear you’re listening to the real thing.

This album is totally unnecessary and is just another attempt the Cover 2 Cover brand to make quick buck. If you’re a hardcore house junkie with absolutely no filter, buying this should put a smile on your face.

- Erica Chidi
Cover 2 Cover 80’s is an abomination. All that was pure, tragic and fatally 80’s has been sped up, gutted and laid over intense and distracting house beats.

pravda23 2007/10/08 11:09 AM
I love it not the album. i love that fact that doesn't call a spade a "metallic digging implement."
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