Various Artists - Gods of Guitar

2011-05-16 09:15
Compilations built around classic rock tunes or the "heroes of guitar" theme are pretty easy to predict – money for nothing as one guitar maestro croons on this very album.

No different "Gods of Guitar" (see the tracklisting in the player below), although there are a few surprises slipped in. There are songs here that don't technically belong under the "Gods of Guitar" label.

With all due respect to recent popular achievements The Killers don't fit into the track list on the first disc, and Queens of the Stone Age are worth far more than just a guitar-band label anyway.

Paul McCartney isn't really guitar god per se, and of all the U2 songs that could have showcased The Edge's contribution, "Beautiful Day" is not a great choice at all. Same with Bryan Adams, whose "In the Heat of The Night" is a better song, even if it is Keith Scott that handles they the key guitar work.

And finally, I may have a personal problem with the inclusion of The Buzzcocks and Ramones on a compilation like this – not because they're not guitar bands, but because they're also proto-punk bands, who pride themselves on evolving from a genre where you don't have to know how to play at all.

Technicalities, you say – but well, that's what you get for slapping a label on anything that moves and calling it "Susan"... or "Guitar God"... whatever.

And to be fair, aside from those odd gripes, this is cool enough rock compilation, even if there are lazy choices in between.

These aren't all guitar gods!

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