Various Artists (soundtrack) - Across the Universe

2007-11-02 16:24
But it does have some value. Firstly, the artists covering the songs can “sing” in the Idols sense, which means they’re vocalists first and artists only when carefully directed. The careful musical direction brings to light undiscovered aspects of some of the songs. “I Want to Hold Your Hand” reveals complexity in the Paris Hilton-style cover of the song by T.V. Carpio (us neither, don’t worry).

Oddly, the only real improvement comes from new star Dana Fuchs (the South African from Texas who didn’t win Rock Star Supernova but stars in the movie as a Joplinesque rock chick). Her gorgeously evil hard rock cover of “Helter Skelter” is worth having.

- Jean Barker

This soundtrack from the mustn’t see movie of the same name will probably horrify Beatles fans more than Coleske (Remember them? No? Good!) covering Simon & Garfunkel horrified their fans.

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