Various - Bakgat: Die Songs

2008-05-07 19:55
There’s nothing like punk rock after a day of smoking by the tennis courts, skipping math class and pushing the principal into the swimming pool. éF-éL know this, and their whiny rebel anthems, including the infectious “Kind Nie”, are a perfect fit with Bakgat.
Falling in love is always sweetest the first time, and the sweaty pinings of Glaskas just might remind you why. Thoughtful tracks by Die Melktert Kommissie and the vocally impressive Shaun V are also decent cuts of lovers’ rock.

In short, Bakgat is a rock-lite sing-along that’s catchy, upbeat and very hard to take seriously. But why would you want to do that? Take off your clip-on tie, rip up your homework and just be bakgat for once. You might like it.

- Niel Bekker

If Afrikaner teens needed their own teen movie, they definitely needed their own teen movie soundtrack, and Bakgat: Die Songs fulfills that need.

Marilyn Vogel 2008/07/02 2:19 PM
Brilliant Absolutely brilliant movie! I loved it... It kept me laughing from beggining to end.
Eugene 2008/10/08 9:03 AM
last song title can anyone tell me who sings the matric ball song in the movie.thx
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