Various - Lock & Load II

2006-03-30 06:06

The likes of Hoobastank, Blink 182, A Simple Plan, The Darkness, Muse and P.O.D. will sound familiar. They've all enjoyed respectable radio or MTV play in recent years. 'Older' projects like Garbage, or the self-sufficient Bowling for Soup, are less likely to get the spiked hair on end.

A horrendous cover of "Here Comes a Man" (sic*) from local outies The Parlotones is included , along with yet another instantly forgettable contribution by The Finkelstiens. Sad, that the local contingent on an album like this has to be made up of those acts.

Nothing about this compilation really warrants much discussion. Unless you consider the fact that it's not quite as compelling as the first two Totally Wired compilations, released last year, worth a mention.

The Totally Wired series took a more commercially friendly approach, whereas Lock & Load is being marketed as its harder, edgier, cousin. That doesn't mean it really is.

- Anton Marshall

* For the record, kids, it's "Here comes THE man". Here comes A man is a song by an acid rock flavoured band called Traffic.


All in all, Lock & Load (2004) is a compilation playing to our loneliness with an electrical charge of emotional deviation that will please all of those who love the genre. It deserves four stars.
- Damon Boyd for Sunday Times

Pop Lock & Load into the CD player of your local student hangout, and you're likely to see the adorable little critters mouth the words to several of the songs.

jean 2005/10/24 12:23 PM
Some good ARTISTS on this CD Hot Hot Heat are really fun. Their album Elevator is really worth getting, if you liked The Zutons, or Zep, or Bowie, or The Shout Out Louds.
Koos 2005/10/25 10:12 AM
Local is (not so) Lekker This is yet another cd that tries to cash in on the growing rock trend amongst teens and young adults. Rather try "Total Radio TakeOver" - Music as chosen by REAL listeners and played on a Radio Station that knows who their target market is and has perfected the formula. Total Radio TakeOver
LOKI 2005/10/25 3:31 PM
wont spend my money yet S.A. artists dont yet make good enough music for me to buy a cd but i must say that the music they are getting out there sounds better than 5years ago.Only Danny k/Mandoza have really cracked into the international quality league up the muff
richard 2005/10/25 8:19 PM
sa music scene i was annoyed by the headline on the homepage saying that the standard of local music is crappy. yes, the commercial, sell-out, "lets make money" bands are utter shit, like the bands mentioned in this review and so many more, but the local underground scene is BOOMING with talent. so much talent its unbelievable. im so glad the audience of these underground bands is a minority, as it mean they are more loyal. theres a lot of crap local music, but a thousand times more, better, talented music that people seem to disregard. dont worry about it
Jean 2005/10/26 9:23 AM
Richard, that's not what the headline said The headline said that this kind of thing is bad for our reputation: "This bog standard compilation is why people are ashamed of local music." Yes, there's much better rock out there than this. There's more than rock out there. Unfortunately, lame stuff like this keeps getting all the attention.
Reverend Wright 2005/10/26 12:07 PM
Why do people buy/support such rubbish I have never seen or heard the CD as I tend to hurl when I think about compilations like this. Yes, why put bands like Finkelsteins and Parlatones on a CD like this. Both these bands are carbon copies of their American counterparts. There's nothing original about these two bands at all. There are definitely quite a few SA bands that are sounding unique and name a few The Diesel Whores, Hellphones, Martin Rocka And The Sick Shop and Bloodline Ltd. South Africa will never progress because record labels will put out CD's like this with the un-original bands...the closed-minded South African public will buy this CD (because they are too lazy to explore and find new music) and by doing so only hear what I consider to be South Africa's worst bands. Thanks to Finks and Parlatones, South African music has gone a step backwards. The SlashDogs - "Spilled Blood Calls For Vengeance"
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