Various - Lock + Load - Various - Lock + Load

2006-03-29 19:36

The thrillingly stupid "I believe in a thing called love" by the Darkness, and the charmingly derivative "Are you gonna be my girl" by Jet, kick off this competent compilation of familiar rock favourites - some of which are more familiar than others.

We've all heard Placebo's "The bitter end" (at least, if we've ever heard a rock compilation, we have), but Remy Zero's "Save Me" might provide a welcome dollop of less familiar romantic depression. There are hardcore bits too. Take Matchbox Twenty's part love song, part respectful perve of a wild girl in "Disease". Let the opening lines "I like your pants around your feet / I like the dirt that's on your knees / I like the way you still say please / while you're looking up at me..." be a warning to the prudes out there.

The 17 tracks bring together Gallo's overseas and SA rock stars on the same album. Locals Tweek rub shoulders with Matchbox Twenty, Radiohead, and Nickelback. That's the good news, because it's always cheering to see local artists getting the same kind of status as overseas acts, who're not necessarily any better. The bad news? It seems Lock + Load is only being released in South Africa.

Overall, Lock + Load is a bit like a rock radio show. It's a great collection for a rock fan who doesn't actually buy full albums. But serious music collectors will get more out of buying a full CD by one of the more interesting bands on the album than from sitting through much of the overplayed FM radio fodder that pads the track listing.

- Jean Barker


Yes, this is yet another rock compilation. But, instead of the same old tired songs and plenty of filler from unknown bands, 'Lock + Load' is a rather decent collection of actual hits from big name artists.
- Nils van der Linden for

Another compilation of rock songs - think something old-style, something nu-metal, something blue by Placebo and all advertised on TV. But for all its predictability, this is a not bad CD.

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