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Various: Love Is... - Sweet, sexy and silly songs

2008-12-24 09:30

The intimate mood gets started well enough with Christina's self-assured ode to self-love ("Beautiful") before immediately ambling off into an avenue of lovelorn schmaltz with Daniel Bedingfield ("If You're Not The One"). So it's more than a breath of fresh air when Robbie Williams grips your heart in his sexy little fist and squeezes with his evocative, alienated and yet strangely uplifting plea for love "Feel". The many splendid heart massage mood continues with a more than generous serving of expected chart-toppings including Elton John ("Daniel"), The Police ("Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic"), George Michael ("I Can't Make You Love Me") and Kylie ("In Your Eyes"). It's a savvy slice of song sequencing and something that means that you're more than happy to skip the inevitable boy band fodder from the likes of Westlife, Ronan, Blue and...blah, blah, blah.
Naturally, love is by no means exclusively a rock or pop experience. Classic offerings from Barry White ("Can't Get enough of Your Love"), Stevie Wonder ("My Cherie Amour"), The Commodores ("Three Times a Lady") and Janet Jackson ("That's the Way Love Goes") prove a celebratory soul foil to contemporary R&B aches which seem to suggest that well, love is the pits. Okay, maybe not, but Alicia Key's definitely reckons its equal parts bliss and misery ("Fallin'"), while R Kelly seems to think it's all a bed of roses ("I Believe I Can Fly").

And so the many moods of Love are explored, with Justin Timberlake pulling you down ("Cry Me A River"), the Bee Gees gently lubricating your senses up again ("How Deep is Your Love") and Dido, well tying you in knots ("Here With Me"). From new school love anthems (Brandy, "The Boy Is Mine") to epic disco jukebox favourites (Cher, "If I Could Turn Back Love") and back, before finishing off with that all time Spice Girl's candlelight pop classic ("2 Become 1"). Confused? Well, you should be - you're in love!

- Miles Keylock
Love is... actually, forget all the cutesy lies propagated by those now infamous cutesy 80's "Love Is" comics and just admit it. Love isn't a feel good puppy dog; it's a ravenous razor-fanged beast fuelled by an eclectic paroxysms of conflicting emotions. It doesn't matter if you're Mr. "Crazy in Love", "I'm So Over It" or Miss "I'm So Heartbroken", fact of the matter is, love is a damn confusing! Which is exactly where the Love Is...double cheeseburger dose of Valentine's Day ear candy comes in

Koos Nel 2004/02/14 4:07 PM
YOU by Peter Maffay If you don't have the words to say how much she meens to you then this is the best song to play for her.It says everything. State of the Heart Vol 2
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