Various - Putamayo Presents: A New Groove

2007-08-02 10:56
It's a smooth remix of songs from all over the world. For once, this doesn't just mean North America and the UK and Northern Ireland, although those countries do feature alongside Denmark, USA, Puerto Rico, Australia, UK, Canada, Sweden, and France. But the common threads aren’t nationality or lovely beats that bind. Instead, what holds it all together is a sense of roots left elsewhere and plenty of sexiness.

Take K-Os' central song: "Crabs in a bucket". Yep, you know it. You don’t ? We’ll it's a groovey portrait of the stupidity of selfishness. If you ever have about 100 crabs to spare, dump them in a bucket and watch how they pull each other down as they try to get themselves out. It’s funny, it’s wry, it’s very enjoyable.

Putumayo releases a lot of other stuff that’s perhaps more interesting, rarer, or hipper. But A New Groove is accessible in the best possible way. It's impossible to listen to this album with out wanting to drive, kiss, fall in love, or shag. It's full of random thoughts and frustrations, sure, but mainly it’s about making you feel really, really good.

Music as a drug? Gimme more.

- Jean Barker

In the age of downloads and MP3s here’s one of the few compilations worth buying because it's actually a set – or at least a near-perfect playlist.

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