Various - The Great Pan-African Trip - Explore African music

2006-03-29 18:46

If this looks like something you'd only buy as a souvenier. Perhaps tourists know a thing or two we don't.

The compilation is packed with sad, exquisite songs. Seamless yet broad ranging - it journeys smoothly from a quiet dedication to struggle heroes from kind of crossover pop Yousseu n' Dour to drumming from Burundi (preceded by some light hearted reggae) to moving maskanda from the home grown Khumbula.

Though the compilation spans 15 African countries, it's by no means a comprehensive introduction - there's just too much to know and explore for any one CD to be that. But this is a great way to begin your discovery of new musical flavours.


"The CD makes for an exceptionally riveting listening experience that will enable you to transverse the entire African continent in your imagination."
- Jabu Sithole for Daily News Tonight

Don't be deterred by the Made-for-Tourists packaging, especially if you're one of those SAfricans whose music collection consists mainly of the kFM or 5FM playlist.

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